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Litchfield County, Connecticut – the most depressed county in the Nutmeg State…

The Connecticut real estate market has slowly been recovering for the last several years, but not all areas at the same rate. Some counties have been slower to move up than others. So which county hails as the slowest to recover?Litchfield County reigns as the most depressed county in Connecticut with the rate of distressed […]

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October 9, 2018

Bridgeport, CT homeowner walks away from over $100,000 of negative equity in this Citibank – Bank of America short sale success!

During the height of the market, many purchased multi-family properties meant to serve as an investment in their future. Unfortunately, with home prices at their peak, these “investments” often proved to be the opposite…10 years after purchasing a Bridgeport, CT multi-family home, this seller found himself with a property worth less than half of what […]

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October 1, 2018

CLOSED! Another ecstatic home seller!

quote-left ​LOVED LOVED LOVED working with them! They were so efficient, so attentive, they got back to me instantly with every question I had, (And trust me I had a lot!) they were so informative, and they walked me through every step. I highly recommend Minna and her team at Reid Real Estate Group! Michelle

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Hamden, CT home sale prices on the rise in 2018!

After many years of uncertainty, Hamden sellers see home marketing times drop to a record low and prices rise to a 5 year high in 2018!Hamden, CT Residential Home Sales Prices and Marketing Time:As 2018 draws to an end, Hamden homeowners have enjoyed another year of quickly improving selling conditions. Median home marketing time is […]

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