Considering a short sale but have questions? Get the short sale information you need!


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What exactly is a short sale when it comes to real estate? Get a quick explanation of what a short sale on a house actually is!

Considering a short sale but wondering how the process works exactly? We've simplified the process here in our quick guide to understanding the short sale process from beginning to end!

Do you owe more than your home is worth and want to sell, but want to know if your situation qualifies for a short sale approval? You may be surprised!

If there's no equity in the home, how do the real estate commissions and other closing costs get paid in a short sale situation?

To pay or not to pay? Find out the pros and cons of making mortgage payments during a short sale.

Should you short sell? Find out the advantages and disadvantages of short selling your Connecticut home.

What happens to the extra debt in a short sale? Will you still have to pay it? Find out what happens to the remaining mortgage balance!

The lender is offering a loan modification, but is it right for you? Find out the ups and downs of mortgage modifications.

How do short sales affect credit scores? Will I ever be able to buy a house again? Will my score drop significantly?

Short sale timelines can vary widely but there are some general guidelines to keep in mind. Find out what they are!

Some people are in fact asked by their lender to pay into their short sale. Find out if you may be a target for a contribution!

How is a short sale any better than simply letting the home foreclose? What are the advantages?

It's not too late to stop your CT foreclosure! You have time, and you have options. Find out the 6 ways to stop your foreclosure today!

Find out what happens in a short sale when you have more than one mortgage.

There are tax consequences to a short sale. Find out the tax implications of a short sale and how to avoid them!

Are you getting divorced and need to make plans for a shared home with excessive mortgage debt? 4 things to keep in mind!

Need to sell but have federal tax liens that exceed the value of your home? You can still sell! Find out how!

Owe more on your jumbo loan than your home could sell for? Get the scoop on short selling with a jumbo loan!

Not only do short sales generally cost nothing, but some sellers even qualify for relocation assistance!

Choose wisely! Find out what questions to ask when trying to locate a real estate agent for your short sale.

You can usually get a new mortgage a few years after a short sale, or sometimes even sooner - get the details!

Sometimes short sales get rejected, but it's not the end! Find out why your short sale got declined, and what you can do to get back on track!

Can I just give the keys back to the lender and walk away from the home?

What repercussions will I face if I just stop paying, walk away and let my Connecticut home foreclose?

Find out your options for getting back on track with your mortgage !

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