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Minna Reid, Owner of Reid Real Estate Group, brings you insights into current trends in the Connecticut home selling market. Browse her posts below for timely advice, guidance, and news about real estate market trends,  or  GO HERE  to find reports categorized by county and town, or to request your own custom real estate report!


ct market collapse

What goes up must come down! All Connecticut sellers have had a few years to enjoy strong price growth and buyer competition, including multifamily sellers, but what’s up ahead?Sellers of multifamily properties have seen their median sale prices at record highs approaching $300,000! Homes are also selling faster than ever, at a median marketing time […]

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Connecticut home sale prices continue to fall and short sales and foreclosures return to market!

ct market report 2021 4th quarter

Its been a great year for Connecticut sellers, but are things about to take a nosedive? While 2021 overall has seen record sale prices and marketing times, a look at the last few months tells a different story!THE GOOD NEWS: The average sale price of a CT home in 2021 is currently $306,000 – an […]

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Connecticut Real Estate Market starts to slip! Is it seasonal or a sign of what’s to come?

CT Real Estate market Update

What’s happening with the Connecticut housing market?Sellers have enjoyed years of endless price gains and competing buyers…but is the tide turning? Connecticut home sale prices dropped 2% in August, to a median of $325,000, down from the record highs reached in the early summer! While homes are still selling very quickly at just 21 days […]

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Connecticut sellers market rages on, but is the bubble getting ready to burst?

CT sellers market bubble

Connecticut home sellers have been watching their home values reach records over the past few years and even into 2021, but how long can it all last?Connecticut Home Sale Prices 2021: The year median home sale price to date in 2021 is $285,000, a record high and a 30% increase in the last decade. Certainly […]

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Connecticut sellers see 2021 start off with a bang! Home sales prices reach new record high!

ct market condition report

Connecticut home sales hit a new peak so far in 2021 with a YTD median sale price of 285,000! Not only is this a new all time high median sale price, but homes are selling for 20% more than they did in the same period just a year ago! With spring selling season just around […]

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