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Reid Real Estate Group assists homeowners with Caliber mortgages short sell their homes in Connecticut . Read up on Caliber short sales in CT and some of our recent short sale success stories. If you need assistance with a short sale in the area contact Minna Reid today for personalized advice!

April 26, 2019

Divorcing couple wraps up their loose ends in this FHA short sale success!

divorcing couple

Divorce tends to get complicated, and many times jointly owned property can be a headache. Matters get even more difficult when the debts against the home exceed the homes value, and a traditional sale is just not possible.During the divorce the ex wife had moved out and signed a quit claim deed leaving her ownership […]

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September 1, 2017

Trying times with Carrington…a long road to a short sale success!

Happy mature couple holding sold sign

There is no middle ground with Carrington it seems….they will make your short sale a breeze…or an ultimate nightmare…there is simply no in-between.  When these CT homeowners contacted me they were already behind on their payments, and with many failed loan modifications behind them, simply out of hope. The weak CT job market left them perpetually underemployed and […]

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August 31, 2017

An easy breezy Shelton, CT short sale approval with SPS and Carrington!

Most short sales are frustrating and difficult, some are an absolute nightmare, and some of them just blow you away with their ease!  After a major life change this Shelton homeowner found himself living in a condo that no longer worked for his lifestyle, but stuck in a mortgage that made it impossible to move on. […]

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