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Want to know the very best time to sell your CT home?

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“When is the very best time of year to sell my home?”

When given the luxury of selling your home at any time of choosing, my answer is always the same: List your Connecticut home in spring – March to May.

The most active season with the most opportunity to get in front of  CT buyers is always spring. Given that the average home is usually on market for 1-2 months before going under contract, and then closes 1-2 months later – the average successful sales cycle is roughly 3 months from listing to close.

Here we see closed sales prices at their highest every year in early summer, the result of those homes going on market in spring:

chart of CT yearly sales price trends

However, not everyone sells at their leisure.

Most sales happen when the need arises, making timing a moot point, as all you can do is work with the current season. And if you are buying and selling at once– timing is a non issue altogether as what you win on one end you lose on the other.

And if you are only buying and looking for a deal…well then… fall is the best time for deals.

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Minna Reid

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