September 11, 2017

Beacon Falls, CT, 06403 is a small quiet town situated in the heart of the Naugatuck Valley.

Being one of the youngest towns in Connecticut, Beacon Falls is known for being convenient to major cities, yet peacefully far from “the maddening crowds”.

Settlers from Derby, CT, settled Beacon Falls in 1678.  The town was incorporated in 1871 on lands carved from the neighboring towns of Bethany, Seymour, Naugatuck and Oxford.

At first glance, Beacon Falls can appear quaint and unassuming but further investigation shows that this little town has plenty to offer residents and visitors.  The town is 9.8 square miles bisected by the Naugatuck River and decorated with turn of the century bungalows and old mills restored and converted into condos.  You have views of Naugatuck State Park, streets with sidewalks and friendly neighbors.

Beacon Falls is a town that comes to mind when I think about all the best spots to really enjoy the beauty of southern New England.

Aside from the beautiful location, Beacon Falls has so much more to offer with safe neighborhoods, excellent schools, easy access to shopping and restaurants, parks, recreational areas and lots of open outdoor space.

Beacon Falls is very much a family focused community with an impeccable school system, top notch public safety and an abundance of well-kept open space to enjoy and reconnect with nature.  This lovely town is a great place to raise a family, as children are safe to play and the schools are a main priority for the community. 

Beacon Falls is known to have fantastic public schools and scores well above the state average on the Connecticut Mastery Test, the class sizes are smaller than the state average,  and the town spends above the national average per student per year.

I’m always up for a good hike or an afternoon spent in Matthies Park.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out this 300 acre park, you might want to add it to your list of incredible places to see in Connecticut!  This park has so many amazing trails from beginner up to a more challenging level, picnic areas and a pond (kayaking and canoeing are encouraged).  Matthies park also hosts special events, sport camps and seasonal activities that are always fun!

Lantern Ridge is a large parcel of open space now for public use!  The 97-acre parcel was given to the town in 1990 when the Planning and Zoning Commission requested that a developer, looking to build houses on a larger parcel including Lantern Ridge, turn over the space. The Conservation Commission worked diligently to allow the parcel of land to remain open space to keep up the rural feel of the town.  The conservation chairwoman is quoted as having said “This helps folks reconnect to nature and improve overall health.”

Beacon Falls is truly a town that is a throwback to the way things used to be. There are more trees than people and you can expect to find a generally jolly atmosphere and a pleasing day to day lifestyle.

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