March 27, 2018

2004-2018 stratford median sale price graph

​The Stratford, CT real estate market has been slowly recovering since 2012 when home sales prices bottomed out. The last few years of increasing buyer demand, coupled with decreasing home inventory have led to homes selling faster and prices finally moving upward statewide. Some towns have fared better than others. Stratford CT real estate sales prices have slowly but consistently moved up for the last 5 years and continue to head up in 2018.

Median sales prices of Stratford homes peaked at $299,250 in 2005 before starting to slide continuously down for the next seven years. 2012 median sales prices in Stratford hit a low of $186,625. Prices have headed up again since with 2018 currently at $229,000:

2004-2018 stratford median sale price graph

The last few years have seen the average sales prices in Stratford increase by 2-3% per year.

 This is promising for Stratford home owners overall. However, for those who bought or refinanced their homes near the peak of the market, prices are still 25% below the peak of the Stratford market. Though upward movement has been consistent, many are still struggling with negative equity. There are options for those who need to sell but lack the equity to get out of the loan.

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