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What’s the average time it takes for a CT home to sell?

SHORT SALE SOLD!Many Connecticut home sellers are under the impression that it should take a long time to sell….that most sellers sit on market for a very long time. The current average days on market for homes that are currently listed in Connecticut (read: NOT sold) is in fact 135 days. However, the average days on market for homes that HAVE SOLD in the past 12 months is actually 93 days….and when breaking that down even further we find that of all homes that actually did sell in CT:

Selling Connecticut Real Estate:

  • 35% (the overwhelming majority) were on market for less than 30 days. These homes also sold at 98% of their asking price
  • 18%  were on market for 31-60 days and sold for 95% of their asking price
  • 12% were on market for 61-90 days and sold for 94% of their asking price
  • 25% were on market for over 91 days and sold for the least  – 93% of their asking price

What does that mean to you as a CT homeowner considering selling your property? That your best odds at the most money are also in the least amount of time…your very first month on market. So how exactly do you sell your CT home for the most, in the least amount of time? With the right price, the right condition, and maximum exposure!

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