September 1, 2017

5. THOROUGHLY PREPARE YOUR HOME TO GO ON MARKET: Don’t even think about going on market until all the projects are done! If it needs fixing, fix it. If it needs upgrading, upgrade it. If it needs cleaning – clean it!  Then, and only then put the home on market. A move in ready home that needs nothing is a buyer’s dream. Give it to them!

4. STAGE THE HOME: You live there, but it shouldn’t look like you do! Your home should feel like a high end hotel. Depersonalize the home. Remove personal items and family pictures. If you have a lot of stuff – put some of it in storage. Leave only critical items. There should be enough furnishings to give each room purpose and a touch of neutral style….but no more. Everything else should go. Contact a professional stager if need be.

3. KEEP THE HOME IN SHOW SHAPE: Yes it’s work but the home should be immaculate  – all the time. Personal items such as toothbrushes should be stowed awat and out of sight after each use. Keep the home aired out and smelling fresh. You never know when you’ll get a last minute showing!

2. TRY TO ACCOMMODATE EVERY SHOWING: Last minute showings or showings at odd times can be an inconvenience, but the more you show, the faster you’ll sell! If the home is in show shape all the time (see #3), preparation shouldn’t be a major issue. Make sure to take your pets with you, and throw out the garbage on your way out the door.

1. PRICE IT RIGHT! The most important tip of them all. A home priced right will always sell quickly. Pricing roughly 5% under market and having a home that shows well nearly guarantees multiple offers (many times above market value) in a very short period of time. Sure you could start high and come down later, or “leave room for negotiations” but these tactics nearly always fail. Pricing is the key to a hasty home sale.

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