September 1, 2017

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5 things a buyer should never see in your Connecticut home for sale

5. Fido. A crated dog is better than a dog running loose in the house, but gone is best of all. If you want to sell, take Fido for a walk during showings. 

4. Your mess. Even if its just a little mess. Dirty dishes, clutter, crumbs on the counter, dirty laundry. IT ALL MUST GO. Yes you must live in the house, but if you pretend you dont, just for a short while, it will all be over soon, I promise.

3. Family photos. Yes they are treasured memories -to you and you alone. Buyers will stop to look at your family, and forget all about imagining their own family living in the home.

2. Your figurine collection (or stamp collection, beer bottle collection, doll collection….) Just pack it away while your home is on market. It will move with you anyway.

1. YOU!!! Yes it is tempting to stay and give the buyers a personal tour…Resist the urge, walk away and let your home sell itself.

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Minna Reid is The Broker - Owner of Reid Real Estate Group. Reid Real Estate Group is a full-service Connecticut residential real estate brokerage, specializing in helping homeowners with legal and financial challenges including short sales, probate sales and tax lien complications.

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