September 1, 2017

Did you know that almost half of all homes that go on market ultimately expire unsold? Not very encouraging, is it? If you’ve made the decision to sell, the last thing you want to do is wait in vain for the next 6 months to ultimately end up exactly where you are today. Want to know how to ensure your home actually sells?


1. CHOOSE THE RIGHT REALTOR: The single most important role in your home sale is played by your real estate agent. The right agent will have a history of proven success in selling homes, intimate knowledge of the state of the local market, a marketing plan to get buyers in the door, the skills to  get you the most during negotiations, and the experience to help you navigate from contract to successful closing! Ask the right questions, do your research and pick wisely!

2. SPEND THE TIME TO PREPARE YOUR HOME: Like most homes, yours will probably need a little elbow grease to be market ready. You only get one chance at a first impression! Your Realtor can help you identify areas of improvement specific to your home and the ones that will have the largest return. 15 STEPS TO A MARKET READY HOME!

3. PRICE RIGHT: Pricing is key! Homes that are priced right tend to go under contract quickly, and for the most money. In a competitive market the homes that offer the best value always sell first (or at all). This is where your Realtor’s market knowledge is key to help determine just the right price.

4: MAKE SHOWINGS EASY: Keeping your home immaculate takes some effort, but is worth the rewards!  Keep the home in show shape in case there is a last minute showing request, or one at a time when you are not able to head home to clean. Make every effort to accommodate every showing request…If you are unable to accommodate a showing, buyers are likely to just move on rather than trying to work around your schedule. No one should be at the showing except the buyer and their agent. You or your agents presence will turn buyers off. Pets should also be crated, or ideally away altogether for the showing.


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Minna Reid is The Broker - Owner of Reid Real Estate Group. Reid Real Estate Group is a full-service Connecticut residential real estate brokerage, specializing in helping homeowners with legal and financial challenges including short sales, probate sales and tax lien complications.

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