October 23, 2017

Middletown, CT 06457

Middletown is a pleasant, quiet city with an interesting small downtown area that has an eclectic variety of restaurants and shops.  This really is a lively place, with added excitement of college minds and youthful spirits.

Middletown is a city in Middlesex County, along the Connecticut River in the central part of the state, 16 miles south of Hartford.  In 1784, the central settlement was incorporated as a city distinct from the town.  Having originally been a busy sailing port and then an industrial center, it is now largely residential with its downtown serving as a “college town” for Wesleyan University.

The walkable downtown has plenty of restaurants, shops and parking. Middletown is located in the center of the state, with easy access to I-91, I-691 and CT-9.  The beach is only 50 minutes away which is another big plus.  Middletown is situated between Hartford and New Haven, making it easier to find job opportunities.  Middletown is considered the southernmost city in the Hartford-Springfield Corridor.

Middletown’s 42 square miles include a variety of settings, rural, suburban and urban, and a wonderfully vibrant historic downtown known for its international dining and one-of-a kind shops.

There are so many things to see and do in Middletown that it becomes a good choice for just about anyone looking to relocate.  It’s a great place for families, couples, college students and commuters.  Middletown makes education a priority in the public school system as well as being home to Wesleyan University, which was voted #12 ” Best Colleges”  in 2012 by U.S.News & World Report.  Wesleyan was also ranked #35 Overall “America’s Top Colleges”, #32 in Private Colleges and #20 in the Northeast by Forbes Magazine in 2012.


As well as holding the bar high in the education department, Middletown also realizes that communities need to come together for enjoyment and entertainment purposes.  There are so many things to see and do, and these are a few of my favorites: The  majestic and beautiful Wadsworth Mansion holds summer concert series free to the public and is a fantastic experience with a beautiful surrounding area to enjoy.  Another enchanting place to spend a day is the Kid City Children’s Museum.


It is very clear that Middletown invests so much into the youth in their community! Just check out the great things that are happening at The Oddfellows Playhouse (one of the few youth theater groups in Connecticut).  Oddfellows Playhouse motto is “promoting the growth of young people, in skills, knowledge, and self-confidence, through the performing arts”, and you can see how this shines through in every performance they hold, and what a difference it makes in the youth of the community.

One of my favorite places to bask in nature is at Wadsworth Falls State Park in Middletown, a beautiful state park that actually has two waterfalls!!  The big one is right off the road and is about 30 feet tall but another smaller one is located deep within the park and is a group of smaller falls.  There is a swimming pond with a sandy beach and a picnic area on the opposite side from the falls. However, the real fun are the hiking trails that cross through the woods going in different directions. It’s also a great place to mountain bike, cross country ski or horseback ride.

After spending some time in Middletown, I found that I met an array of different types of people and found tons of things to do.  This is a family friendly town with a safe environment, plenty to do to keep active and even great places to just go and relax the day away.  Overall, it’s easy for me to say that Middletown is a gorgeous place that is impossible to get tired of.

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