Hamden, CT distress property sales stay strong in 2017

Hamden, CT 2017: One in every seven home sales in Hamden is a short sale or REO sale (bank-owned foreclosure). Despite improving market conditions for Hamden homeowners, distress inventory remains a staple in the market:

Graph of hamden short sales and foreclosures

While marketing time on Hamden homes are down and prices are improving, most foreclosures and short sales today are the result of the real estate crash almost a decade ago. Recovery has been slow, leaving many homeowners owing more than their homes are worth, and without many options if they need to sell. It may still be a while before we come back full circle.

Minna Reid

Minna Reid is a Connecticut Realtor and the Broker-Owner of Reid Real Estate Group. The Reid Group offers years of real estate experience, intimate knowledge of the local market and the highest levels of customer service and professionalism to help guide you through all of your real estate transitions.

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