January 18, 2018

The entire state of CT has seen marketing times drop and prices rise over the last few years, including New Haven County. Here we break down New Haven County even further by town. So, which cities/towns have the fastest and slowest home marketing times?

North Branford leads the way with the lowest home marketing time in the last 12 months at a median of just 33 days! New Haven comes in close behind at 37 days with North Haven, West Haven and Meriden rounding out the top 5:

Middlebury has by far the slowest real estate market in New Haven County with homes staying on market 83 days! Madison is in second place at 69 days, with Prospect and Southbury close behind and Wolcott and Oxford both at 60 days:

slow markets in new haven county

While there are no hard and fast rules as to which towns move faster or slower, you may note that most of the fast selling towns have median sales prices lower than the county average of $215,000, while most of the slowest moving towns far exceed it, suggesting once again that the greatest demand is for the less expensive homes. Thinking about selling your New Haven County home this year? Find out why now is the time to start getting ready to go on market!

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