Woodbridge CT real estate market starts off strong in 2018!

Woodbridge, CT has seen a lot of fluctuations in home sales prices in the last decade. After median sales prices peaked in 2007 at $525,000, the market came crashing down! The very bottom of median sales prices in Woodbridge did not arrive until 2016 with a median of $364,000 – almost 30% less than the peak of the market 9 years prior.

After the Woodbridge market started to pick up in 2017, 2018 looks to be off to a stellar start, with the current year to date median sales price in Woodbridge at $487,500:

graph of woodbridge sales prices

Keep in mind Woodbridge is a very small town with only 100-150 real estate sales all year, so this would represent a small batch of the market so far this year, and there is plenty of 2018 left! While the averages could easily change with just a few more sales, inventory throughout the state has been lacking while buyer demand has only increased – which will eventually lead to rising sales prices in most areas, including Woodbridge!

Minna Reid

Minna Reid is a Connecticut Realtor and the Broker-Owner of Reid Real Estate Group. The Reid Group offers years of real estate experience, intimate knowledge of the local market and the highest levels of customer service and professionalism to help guide you through all of your real estate transitions.

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